Frequently Asked Questions

qWhere is Hopsteiner located?
aCorporate headquarters are in New York, New York. We have sizable operations in Mainburg, Germany, Yakima, Washington and Zhangye, Gansu Province, China. We also have offices and personnel in The Czech Republic and Epping, England.

qAre you a grower or a processor of hops?
aBoth. We are one of the largest growers and processors of hops in the world.

qWhat kind of customers do you work with?
aWe work with a full-range of craft brewing customers from nano, brewpub, micro, regional and contract breweries to macro breweries. We have a dedicated sales and technical team serving craft brewers, and our services are tailored to meet the special needs of any customer.

qWhat is the minimum order size?
aMinimum order for hop pellets is 5 pounds. Minimum order for leaf hops is 10 pounds.

qDo you accept credit card payments?
aYes, we accept VISA and Mastercard.

qHow are your products shipped?
aLarger shipments are sent via commercial truck lines. Smaller shipments are sent via FedEx Ground and UPS.

qI don’t see the variety or product listed that I am looking for. Why?
aWhile we offer nearly every variety and product available in the hop world, there are some proprietary hop varieties and products that we do not handle. Please call with your specific needs.

qCan I guarantee supply by contracting for hops?
aYes, contracts are available. The minimum quantity for contracting hop pellets is 220 pounds per variety/ per crop year. For leaf hop, the minimum quantity is 200 pounds per variety/ per crop year. Call your Hopsteiner representative to learn more.

qWhen does the new crop year begin?
aIn the Northern Hemisphere hops are harvested from mid-August to early-October. Harvest is conducted 7 days a week, around the clock from start to finish.

qHow long has the company been around?
aWe were established in 1845 in Laupheim, Germany. Operations in the United States were established in 1885.


How do I contact someone to talk
about my hop needs?

NY office 212-838-8900, Ask for Theresa

Yakima office 509-453-4731 Ask for Bill