Technical Publications

  • Alpha Acids As Natural Foam Enhancer (2014) (PDF)
  • Update about Hop Oils (Newsletter TS 2011-10) (English PDF) (German PDF)
  • Dry Hopping – A Study Of Various Parameters – Consequences of the Applied Dosing Method (2013) (PDF)
  • Revival Of A Process- Dry hopping – basics and techniques (2013) (PDF)
  • Influence of Picking Date on the Initial Hop Storage Index of Freshly Harvested Hops (2013) (PDF)
  • Non Alpha Bitterness (April 2009) (PDF)
  • Xantho-FlavT The pure antioxidative power of hops (March 2008) (PDF)
  • IBS Humulinone Poster (aug 2007) (PDF)
  • Influences of the new high alpha hop variety Herkules on beer quality (2007) (PDF)
  • Influence of different boiling bitter and aroma substances (2007) (PDF)
  • Production of light stable beers on a commercial scale (2007) (PDF)
  • Possible impact of hops on taste and drinkability of beer (2006) (PDF)
  • Beer- Bitter and Healthy (2007) (PDF)
  • Investigation into the high levels of xanthohumol found in Stout and Porterstyle beers (2004) (PDF)
  • Brewing trials with a xanthohumolenriched hop product (2004) (PDF)
  • Occurence of glycosidically bound fl avour compounds in hops, hop products and beer (May/June 2006) (PDF)